API Structure Overview
Nexus would provide the following APIs:
SLD (Service Level Description)
    Allows IPSs to update Service Level Descriptions
    Allows Source Banks to request SLDs
    Allows FX Providers to issue or delete quotes
    Allows Source Banks to retrieve quotes
    Allows Source Bank to validate accounts
    Triggers sub-processes: Alias conversion, Reachability check, Availability check, Account validation
    Allows Source Bank to request Confirmation of Payee
Sanctions Screening Pre-Approval
    Allows Source Bank to trigger sanctions screening pre-approval process
RFI (Request for Information)
    Allows one bank (Source Bank, Destination Bank or Liquidity Providers) to request information on a Sender from Source Bank or Recipient from Destination Bank
Relaying messages between Nexus Gateways
This document does not specify communication from one Nexus Gateway to another, as in most cases the receiving Gateway will simply relay a message with no fundamental changes to the Gateway that needs to process it.
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